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What can I do for Project Ironfist

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If you want an awesome version of Heroes II, but you're not a famous game designer and world-champion programmer, what can you do to help this mod? Lots. We need people of all stripes. Anyone who has every played Heroes II has something to offer. 


Game Ideas


Game design is hard, and we need your ideas to make it work. The first creature we decided to add was the Kobold, but we still haven't figured out what stats or abilities to give it to make it feel different from all the other Level 1 creatures. If you've ever spent time thinking about what things a Heroes game should have, we want your ideas -- now's the time to see them happen.


We also want your ideas on what we should add to Ironfist's modding capabilities. Do you want to be able to make a creature which is immune to magic like the Dragon, has an explosive ranged attack like the Lich, and has infinite retaliation like the Griffin? Or maybe you want to be able to script a map so that a player's town gets captured and overrun by zombies as soon as his hero passes through a certain square? It's easy to extend Ironfist so that you can do any of these, but there's a lot of them, and we want your input on which things to do first.




We're making Project Ironfist so that you can show off your creativity, and we'd love to see maps which do so. Our "Sorrow's End" demo map gives players a reward for bringing an artifact to a castle, but much more is possible. If there's anything you'd like to be able to do in a map but can't, please ask. 




Did you know that you can create a "crash" sound by shaking a cookie tin full of nails, or create the sound of wings flapping with a piece of paper? Anyone with a computer, a microphone, and random objects lying around (or a willingness to abuse your vocal cords) can produce good sounds. Even just being willing to Google for some good free sounds is very valuable. If you see any sounds in the game you don't like, go and make or find some sounds, share them with us, and we'll work on getting them in the game.




Does your family ask you for help to "fix" their computer, even if it's just knowing how to Google for which buttons to click on? We've done our best to make the process of getting art, sound, and creatures in the game accessible, but having to poke around their computer's files and deal with version-control systems can still be intimidating for many talented people. Simply by being willing to work through the tutorials on this wiki and mess around a lot on a computer, you can help us a lot.

Art and Programming


If you want to practice drawing or coding, we want you.

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