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Lionel Mission 8

Page history last edited by James Koppel 11 years ago


LIONEL: You made the right choice, cousin.  Never forget what we fight for.

Privately, I must confess that the iron fist has grown uncomfortable.  It began around the time we leveled Rothbard’s tower.  Did my father live his whole reign with this dull ache in his arm?

Rothbard the Mage said that these Towers give him more power.  On our way back to fight Hadrien, we must destroy any we see.  I suspect there are several under construction that we did not notice.

I believe our next step is to travel to a world called Varn, which we can reach with relative ease.  If they have a Tower, we shall destroy it.  Our own mages say they have figured out the way these worlds are linked together, and that they can get us there safely.  Apparently there is an as-yet undiscovered property of my iron fist which allows this... some ancient magic.

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Capture all of the castles on the world before one of them builds a Tower.


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