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Mission 5

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While sailing across these seas, a man appeared to me, telling me he was a seer.  They say these seers possess the power to make entire fleets vanish.  We have been invited to join the seers in their new sanctuary.

Perhaps these seers can explain recent events.


The seers recently traveled across the ocean and into the new world because they are seeking a certain kind of answers.

This is a strange, new world.  Even the way people think here is off.  These so-called seers tell me that my fist is not a fist at all--that it is a chain.  What nonsense!  Wait, no, not a chain, a... what did he say?  A link.  A link in a chain.  Absurd.

They also say that on this world, there is an ancient branch of the Ironfist family represented among these seers.  Why does my family name seem to be everywhere?  These “seers” cannot answer this simple question.

There are some things they say that make sense, however.  The seers tell us that there is ancient magic behind our jumping between worlds.  Some great fate has designs for us.

But I lose patience for this endless traveling.  I must get home to help my people against the monster, Hadrien.  We must reckon with this fate, and quickly.

Opening text:

The seers tell us that if we sail northeast, we will find a fog that will lead us to answers.  They refused to be less vague.  Let us find this fog.

[Victory conditions: You start inland, and must build up a coastal town on the Northeast to send a ship from.  You win when you reach a foggy tile in the ocean.]


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