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Mission 1

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Amulet video.


Dear cousin, this is Lionel.  I wear the iron fist, thanks to the time you bought me.  I hope the forces you mustered are sufficient.

I promised I would tell you more.  There was not time in the crypt.  You must be wondering why it is so necessary to stop Hadrien.  Here is how we arrived in our current situation.

We’ve both known that Prince Hadrien felt His Majesty too feeble to rule the kingdom.  Given a bottle of wine, Hadrien would volunteer this information to passers-by. Recently, my brother became withdrawn, so I took to shadowing him.

Yesterday, I followed Hadrien to His Majesty's chamber. While hiding in the curtains, I saw him cut my father’s throat.  Hadrien called for Willow, the High Priest, and told him that I had killed my father. I watched them leave, and I tailed Willow.

I was not seen.  I managed to wrest the iron fist from the Reliquary before Hadrien's footmen retrieved it. My brother may have taken the throne, but he shall not have the iron fist to legitimize his reign.

I wait in Hardwood Castle with additional forces.  Between us lies the castle of the traitorous Baron Lenigen, who has pledged fealty to Hadrien.

Eliminate Lenigen, and we will be able to unite our forces against Hadrien.

Opening In-game text box:


Take Lenigen’s Castle, to the East.  There are other castles that oppose you, but their opposition will become irrelevant when you capture Lenigen’s Castle.

[Victory conditions: Capture Lenigen’s Castle.] 


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