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Undocumented Features of HoMM II

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Debug Mode


To run the game in Debug Mode, run it from the command line with the /NWC argument. ("NWC" stands for New World Computing.)


E.g.: In the command line, from the game folder, type:




Debug mode gives you the following things:

  • During the AI's turn, a summary of their actions will print on the bottom of the screen. (The AI's turn is hence much slower.)
  • When you right-click on any map cell, you get access to a lot of extra information.
  • On the adventure map, there is a "Debug" menu in the top menu bar, with options such as giving a hero free creatures, revealing the entire map, etc
  • In a town screen, there is a "Debug" menu in the top menu bar, with options such as building buildings for free


If you use the "Debug" menu during a game and subsequently win, you will be marked "Cheater" on the high score board.



To run the map editor in Debug mode, run it from the command line with the /JVC argument. ("JVC" stands for Jon van Carneghem, the creator of the Might and Magic franchise and the HoMM series.)


Debug mode allows you to edit any map tile, switching its location type or image freely. This allows you to e.g.: take a single tile of a 4x3 mountain object, put it down independently, allow the player to step on it, and make it act like a Well.


"Grabbing" Objects


In the Map Editor,  press "G" to copy an object under the cursor and place an identical one.


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