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Adding New Artifacts

Page history last edited by James Koppel 6 years ago

This guide is current as of 6/26/2018. At the moment, all artifacts require custom C++ code. We are discussing ways to add new artifacts via only scripting.


What you need


  • Art:
    • A 64x64 image, the main artifact image
    • A 32x32 "icon" image, used in the hero trading screen
    • 2 32x32 adventure map tiles, representing the object and its shadow 
  • Name, description, and event text
  • Ability to add code to implement features 




  1. Add a new entry to artifacts.xml, similar to the others already there. You'll need to provide its name and description, and the text that appears when a player picks it up on the adventure map. Use the next available ID and remember it.
    1. Of note is the artifact level: treasure, minor, major, or ultimate. This affects which random events may give this artifact. 
  2. Following the guide in Adding Artwork, add the art:
    1. The 64x64 image goes in ARTIFACT.icn. This image should receive the index (artifact ID)+1.
    2. The 32x32 icon goes in ARTFX.icn.  This image should receive the index (artifact ID).
    3. The adventure map tiles go in OBJNARTI.icn. The shadow tile receives the index 2*(artifact ID). The main tile receives the index 2*(artifact ID)+1.
  3. Implement the code. Currently, artifacts are implemented by scattering a number of hero::HasArtifact checks throughout the codebase. Examples:
    1. hero::GetSSLevel implements the Spade of Necromancy ability.
    2. hero::CalcMobility implements the Traveler's Boots of Mobility, the Nomad Boots of Mobility, and the True Compass of Mobility
    3. combatManager::ModifyDamageForArtifacts implements 8 different artifact abilities  
  4. Add a scripting constant for the new artifact: https://github.com/jkoppel/project-ironfist/blob/master/src/cpp/shared/scripting/consts.cpp  
  5. Add it to the map editor. See Adding Map Overlays

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