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Release Notes for 1,3,0

Page history last edited by James Koppel 5 years, 4 months ago

The title of this page should be "Release Notes for 1.3.0" . It has been renamed for technical reasons.



  • New creature: The Cyber Behemoth
  • New map: Behemoth Path
  • Ironfist can now play the CD-quality MP3 music, designed to work with the GOG.com version. It will play .ogg files from the "MUSIC" folder
  • Can now undo many steps in the map editor
  • Massive overhaul of scripting system part 1: Use of triggers instead of callbacks
  • Massive overhaul of scripting system part 2: Deep binding of HoMM 2 objects
  • Massive overhaul of scripting system part 3: Libraries


  • New registry option to disable analytics
  • Substantially improved loading time

New scripting functions

  • CountEmptyArtifactSlots
  • CountEmptyCreatureSlots
  • MapPutArmy
  • ToggleAiArmySharing
  • The AdvMessageBox module, allowing you to display different kinds of dialog boxes (e.g.: Yes/No dialogs), with images.


  • Hero trade no longer re-triggers "move to square" events
  • Fixed bug with spell shrine message
  • Fixed character encodings for map editor on non-English machines
  • Fixed disappearing mouse cursor bugs in editor
  • Fixed bug where hero would keep benefit of artifact upon calling "TakeArtifact"
  • Spell scrolls now works properly across savegames
  • "ShareVision" now works properly across savegames
  • Fixed miscellaneous editor and game crashes


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